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© CUTTY SARK [ссылка] WORLD BROTHERHOOD...>… [ссылка] Centre>Discover for yourself beautiful Ukraine...! Look from CUTTY SARK UA > Our Lord, give all of us the World...! Ukraine diplomatic> Culture and tradition of the beautiful Ukraine. Project : Artist Venus Sabirova On the eve of the Christian holiday, the Resurrection of Christ in a holy place for the Orthodox world in the Kiev Lavra opened an exhibition of our friend, the artist Venera Sabirova, [ссылка] OF THE HUMAN Soul". For us it is a great joy that a beautiful event takes place in a holy place. A few years ago, we planted trees as a symbol of friendship and solidarity between Ukraine, Russia and Japan by veterans of the Navy. It's nice to see that the trees are growing, and with God's help there will be peace in our beautiful land...!!! Our sincere gratitude to our friends, of the [ссылка] SARK UA" community musicians in the preparation and accompaniment of a beautiful evening for the people of Kiev and guests of our beautiful capital. The concert took part...> Author and singer Marina Dubrova. Author and performer Yuri Polovetsky. Author and performer Sergei Sergienko. Young promising performer Diane Chaika. Artist of the songs Maria Shumar, poet Julia Manoyko, the poet Julia Bortnyk. Thank you friends for the beautiful creative evening ... !!! Friends our wishes heat and a coziness in your house always..! #VASILIY_KLIVETS #cutty_sark_ua #News_from_CUTTY_SARK_UA #NEWS #FRIEND_CUTTY_SARK_UA #Ukraine_diplomatic