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Artist Alex Paramonov Academy

© CUTTY SARK [ссылка] WORLD BROTHERHOOD...>… [ссылка] Centre>Discover for yourself beautiful Ukraine...! Look from CUTTY SARK UA > Our Lord, give all of us the World...! Ukraine diplomatic> Culture and tradition of the beautiful Ukraine. Project : International Academy of Culture, Security, Ecology and Health. Artist Alex Paramonov. A creative meeting with our friends from the International Academy of Culture, Security, Ecology and Health took place at the residence [ссылка] SARK UA". Our association is a collective member of the Academy. The International Academy is headed by President Larisa Goryana. We organized an interesting meeting of our friends with a bright Ukrainian artist Alex Paramonov. Our friends were presented with paintings and works of the remarkable artist of the community [ссылка] SARK UA". We thank our friends of academicians, scientists, artists the creative intelligentsia of our beautiful Ukraine for a pleasant and unforgettable meeting. Friends our wishes heat and a coziness in your house always..! #VASILIY_KLIVETS #cutty_sark_ua #News_from_CUTTY_SARK_UA #NEWS #FRIEND_CUTTY_SARK_UA #Ukraine_diplomatic

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