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Day of the Navy 2017

© «CUTTY SARK [ссылка] WORLD BROTHERHOOD...> The sea power in the beauty of the nice world around us ... !!! © CUTTY SARK UA > Discover for yourself beautiful Ukraine..> © CUTTY SARK UA> [ссылка] Centre> Represents from own archive >... © CUTTY SARK UA > It is possible to thumb through the provided archival project to the right and to the left...!!! © CUTTY SARK UA> [ссылка] Centre> To celebrate Day of the Navy> 2017 Look from CUTTY SARK UA > Above petty cares over all big thoughts in the World - there is a bright name, in which life and heart Fleet...!!! Hotly we congratulate all our friends military seamen and legendary submariners on a holiday of the Navy...!!! A special warm greeting to military seamen on all continents in the World to colleagues to veterans on the 316th special group of military radio of intelligence OSNAZ of the Navy ...!!! Friends our wishes heat and a coziness in your house always..! #VASILIY_KLIVETS #cutty_sark_ua #News_from_CUTTY_SARK_UA #NEWS #FRIEND_CUTTY_SARK_UA #Ukraine_diplomatic