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Yellowjackets - Blue Hats (1997)

6817 March 2016 at 08:29

Blue Hats is an 12rd studio album by the American jazz group Yellowjackets, released in 1997. The album reached a peak position of number nine on Billboard's Top Contemporary Jazz Albums chart. As they continue to evolve, the Yellowjackets have gradually gone from being an R&B-oriented fusion band to a more acoustic group that emphasizes fairly straight-ahead improvisations. Although this CD has nine originals by bandmembers and some electronics are utilized (primarily by keyboardist Russell Ferrante for color), much of the music would satisfy even hard bop listeners. Bob Mintzer's many solos on tenor, soprano, bass clarinet and EWI are excellent, but it is the tightness of the rhythm section (which also includes bassist Jimmy Haslip and drummer William Kennedy) that continues to give the Yellowjackets their own original sound.-------------------------Highly Recommended!!!Enjoy!!!---------------------------- Personnel: Russell Ferrante - keyboards; Jimmy Haslip - basses and vocals; William Kennedy - drums; Bob Mintzer - soprano and tenor saxohphone, bass clarinet and EWI.------------ Здесь вы можете слушать онлайн mp3 бесплатно и без регистрации.

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