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Saturday Night

Здесь вы можете послушать онлайн Schoolly D - Saturday Night и другие mp3 песни этого артиста и похожие треки жанров hip-hop, rap, gangsta rap

Текст песни

It was Saturday night and I'm feelin kinda sporty Went to a bar and caught me a 40 Got kinda a high and a...kinda drunk So I kicked the ass of this little punk Forgot my key and had to ring my bell My momma came dressed, she said, Who the hell? Wait momma, wait, it's me ya little son Before I knew it my mom pulled a gun I know who you are, but who the hell is that? I turned around man, this bitch was fat I really don't know, she got into the car I musta picked her up when I left the bar Ya know I'm horny homey man I wanted to chill But you know how mothers are, she wanted to ill So I said, Hey baby is you on the pill? 'Cause, tonight I wanna be your lover Just one thing: I forgot to buy a rubber Wait a little while then we snuk upstairs Step by step with a hint of fear We got into my room, bitch started to scream Momma busted in with a fucked up scene Shirt ripped off, drawers down to my knees Wait momma, wait momma, wait, wait, please! Put back your gun, put down your brew My mom fucked up the room The bitch jumped up with no respect I had to put the big, big bitch in check I said, Ya come a little closer and ya will get shot, I'm sober anyway, I don't need no cock. Oh yeah, them wild Saturday Nights It was Saturday Night and I was feelin kinda funny Gold around my neck, pockets full of money Went to the corner, man who did I see? But the super bad bitch lookin back at me I said, Fly lady man, you got a big butt Bitch turned around, all she said was, What? I said, My name is Schoolly baby, I'm down with the Shores Before I knew it up came my boys Noisy as hell and drunk as shit Sayin, Yo Schoolly Schooll, what time is it? Looked a little closer and I knew it was gag What I thought was a girl was nothin but a fag Everybody rappin but they don't know how Shoulda seen the boy rappin to the cow He rapped so hard that the nigga saw smoke He lit up his cheeba and they both took a toke The cow got high and the boy got by Just don't come in my face and ask me why Cheeba Cheeba ya'll Yeah it's that cheeba cheeba makin 'em feel like that Cheeba Cheeba ya'll Some call it Cheeba, some call it weed It's the killer, it's the filler, it's the thing that you need Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet Smokin a J and scratchin' the itch Along came a spider and sat down beside her And said, Yo, what's up with that, bitch? But then down the road came Mary and her lambs Smokin' a Lacy in each and every hand The poor little spider, he couldn't score any They were 2 dollar bitches and he only had a penny Cheeba Cheeba ya'll Yeah Cheeba Cheeba ya'll Let me tell ya a little tale about Peter the Pimp Sucka MCed, tried to cop a limp Rode around town in a couple of cars Got gagged by the man tryin to stick up a bar The judge said, Boy, what was on your mind? He said, I had some Cheeba Cheeba, cocaine and some wine. The judge said, Boy, relax and have a beer You won't be doin shit for the next ten years. Cheeba Cheeba ya'll Yeah, it's that Cheeba Cheeba Cheeba Cheeba Some call it Cheeba, some call it weed It's the killer, it's the filler, it's the thing that you need Cheeba Cheeba ya'll
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