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МиШкА НаМ, 12-03-2011 13:22 (link)

NiGhT ClUb yToPia

ДлЯ Тех КтО ЗнАеТ ЧтО ТаКоЕ YTOPIA  !!!


Type: Night Club
Address: 21-a, Yangi Sergeli Str., Tashkent City
Phone:  251-89-49
Number of halls: 2, 450 seats in total
Cuisine: European, Korean
Music: DJ, Club.
Working hours:  from 20.00 till 3.00, on sundays and saturdays: from  20.00 till 4.00
Enterance: free of charge, Age control (from 18 ).
Other offers: area with comfortable upholstered furniture, bar, wine list, show-programs, 2 VIP - cabs, Club day on Wednesdays.


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МиШкА НаМ, 20-11-2010 21:44 (link)

No title

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