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Здесь вы можете послушать онлайн Boyz N Da Hood - Felonies и другие mp3 песни этого артиста и похожие треки жанров rap, hip-hop, dirty south

Текст песни

[HOOK] Whats up with partner, Where he live, Where he stay at Where the ice, where the bread, where the cake at? I'm telling you man you don't want it with dem boyz, Everyone of them got felonies man! I'm slap me a nigga, befoe its over with, I'm rush me a nigga, befoe its over with, Duct tape me a nigga, befoe its over with, I'm bust me a nigga, befoe its over with. [DUKE] I'm sick & I'm tired of niggas asking bout mine If I'm cockin that iron, I'm telling you I'm sending them signs I move fast forward I aint got no button to rewind I react of instinct I aint stressin no time I came a long way from peddlin rocks Block recognized the gansta & he up my stock Showed me the recipe & other grams I copped Home ain't a home withoutta arm & hammer box Shit, Jeezy just be being on that cell Got them pre-teen numbers I like, like R.Kelly (I got that work nigga) Lotta niggas they be claimin the spot But we the only ones that still represent it like mascots So ask not why my attitude is shitty Step aside why a real nigga move the city, huh From my block to your block niggas know me They know that ole reppin ass niggas a O.G. We use to rock flip-flops, tube socks with gold teeth & A flip flop crease with gold shoes on all they feet Please believe we ain't playing no games But I will take a charge if you try to drive my lane Plus I gotta donkey dick to drive the broads in sane I'm a street cat, shit you know I'm hard to tame [HOOK 1x] [YOUNG JEEZY] I'm a gansta mutha fucka if you ever seen one Black fitty cap nigga & some Air Force One's Hey & I'm strapped so dont set trip .45 hitcha make your whole chest split Sleepy Brown nigga I cant wait Fifty grand round my neck like bait Hey & keep thinking its gravy Everybody from my hood know Jeezy is crazy & I ain't playin witcha mother fuckers Shoot both of yall make yall niggas blood brothers (thats righhht) & I'm so sincere, I ain't playing witcha niggas this year (Hey we gone rob dem Boyz n Da Hood) Bitch please I'll kill a mutha fucks bout Jody Breeze Yeah nigga thats the truth, bout Big Dee Big Duke I'll shoot [HOOK 1x] [BIG DEE] I'm telling you man I be rollin on dem corners no Range no necklace man Range Rover no rims left they neck in da pain & Put the silencer on the tip professional man Pressure point blank like a sexual change & Splitcha head down the middle like a sectional man Hard blow to hard coat exsposen the four Even though I tote gun I dont rob no more Now here I go on the patio with a flat head screwdriver Prying on the side door in a gat proof suit liner Calm but I'm wide open they act I'm do something Quite its going down on em with a Mac 11 two rifle Pistol, pumps, switch & knives, Pistol grips, smoked clips, nighsticks & plyers No myth I'm him fucka get hypnotized Now get killed in da mist we suggest you ride [HOOK 1x] [JODY BREEZE] Well I'm the youngest in the click boy Try me like a bitch & I'll betcha I'll be the first to punch you in ya shit Yall niggas just talking, yall niggas aint ready Yall niggas dont want none of dis While yall out spending 100's on your necks Spending 100's on your wrist, spending 100's on your rims I'm on da block spending 100's on bricks Sending 100's to the J gotta 100 more fits Fake niggas get killed round here Its real in the field betta get it how you live & If not cock back bust atcha cock suckers mutha fucka in fact I will Cause the niggas that I roll with & blow dro with Fuck hoes with they outta control Realer in bumpin chevy's with Mac 11's holdin it steady Ready to put seven off in your belly boy [HOOK 1x]
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