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Noname Noname, 06-06-2012 13:30 (ссылка)

English speaking community chat

Have you heard about "English speaking community" on http://chatter.ru ?
It's an english-speaking chat. You can practise your English there.
Please, take a look at this.

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Андрей не И, 13-10-2010 22:23 (ссылка)

Hey now, what you gonna do?

Guess how this band is called? I bet you won't!

Here is a couple of songs from their 2008 Red Of Tooth and Claw album.

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Angie Barker, working mother

Андрей не И, 27-03-2010 15:48 (ссылка)

General Patton

You can read about Michael Allan Patton in Wikipedia. Google puts the link for "Patton" even above the one for his military namesake.

For me he is the guy who inspired and in fact made an average metal-funk band one of the greatest US bands of modern times - Faith No More used to be my favourite for years and is still now.

He has created lots of projects (some of them are quite hard to persieve, like Fantômas' Suspended Animation - an album of short tracks with cartoonlike noises). His vocals vary from those of a muezzin to some techno sound of a broken squeezer.

Here are some samples of the music he makes.
Mr. Bungle - his first Frankenstein child

Faith No More - the most commercially successful, I would say, an Epic Win

(the video is cool, too, especially if you watch till the very end)

Peeping Tom - one of the latest, pop music as seen by Patton created with collaboration with other artists, Massive Attack and Norah Jones are among them

This reminds me a bit of Faith No More, though.

Since more than a year I have been waiting for his new masterpiece to be - Mondo Cane, an avant-garde interpretation of classic Italian pop music with an orchestra of 65 people performed live. The release has been being postponed again and again (Present Perfect Continuous Passive is exactly the tense you should use in such cases)
Here ia a Youtube 20 kilimetri al giorno. Nice, isn't it?

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Андрей не И, 31-12-2009 02:45 (ссылка)

A Midnight New Year Heavy Trash Special

A Happy New Year to Everybody!

I have found this tape (not a tape, really - a CD, but "tape" sounds more Hitchcock style) in a music store under "Hard and Heavy" label (which normally marks music you do not appreciate). Placed amidst metal bands by mistake these guys look quite dead and are definitely worth posting

Enjoy your next night out (or in - this really does not matter since you have all accessories required)

Here is a nice one to shake your bones on this new year's eve

It's a cover (of a Delores LaVern Baker song) though, but bumble bees have stripes just like tigers!

WTF!  ]

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Андрей не И, 06-11-2009 21:51 (ссылка)

A Pack of Chupa-Chups

They are trying to kill two birds with one stone, bastards!

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Danger is everywhere

настроение: Расслабленное
хочется: travel all over the world
слушаю: all kinds of music if they are interesting

Alexander Pup, 06-10-2009 03:32 (ссылка)

Not dead yet, but definately deadly

This is the product of joint efforts. My paltalk friends: ua_wizard, ali, triviologist
helped me compose lyrics to the song I'm about to present here. The
singer, that is me, is unbelievably shitty and the quality of the sound
leaves much (very much) to be desired. But, come on, I'm not a
professional musician. So fuck it!

   I'd like to sincerely thank my friends for giving my stale imagination a kick in the ass. Now, guys, hate me! AND CHEERS!

Everybody hates me and I don't know what to do
The bottle was half-empty and I still don't have a clue
They wished I'd be run over by a car or even a truck.
And to their perfect good luck,
I was found dead in Hyde Park

And I wake up in the morgue, yeah
To the sound of drilling rock, yeah
My heart's lying on the scale, yeah
My complexion is so pale.

I'm lying on the gurney, the pathologist is high
He doesn't even notice shiny tears come to my eye
He's so enthusiastic about tearing me apart
I don't know what he hopes to find
But I think I'm losing my mind.

And I wake up in the morgue, yeah
To the sound of drilling rock, yeah
Realizing that's my head
I'm not happy to be dead.

настроение: Ashamed

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Андрей не И, 17-09-2009 21:26 (ссылка)

Separated by Birth

These are two sisters from the States I came across quite accidentally.

Now I am a happy owner of their two albums. "Separated by birth" is one of them. The other is called "What's in the Box?". And in this box we find tiny small masterpieces, no longer than 3-4 min each. I would have posted here all of them, but can't wait sharing with readers of this deadly community. Here are the first three tracks containing

sweet grandaddy loving girls

some touching story

something on a more global topic


Quite sad news can be found on their official site: Kim and Zoe are now focused on their solo carrees. Let's see.

P.S. Vermillion Lies is based in Oakland, CA, tours in a bio-diesel van, and uses recycled packaging printed with vegetable inks.

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Alexander Pup, 30-08-2009 14:47 (ссылка)

Funeral Sounds - Metro

Crossposted from Alpup's EFL Cybermorgue
Have you ever wanted to make a list of the songs you'd like to be played at your funeral party? If not, you'd better not be following this Label called "Funeral Sounds". FS is all about the works of art I consider appropriate to be played or performed during or after my funeral. These sounds are represented by my favourite music videos taken from youtube and other major portals. Some of these songs have actually been used by me in teaching EFL students.
Post 1 - The Metro
I'm a great lover of subways (or underground). Maybe it's because we don't have metro here in my hometown. I've used it for like 20 times in my whole life and, every single time I used it I was singing this song! I swear!

Oops! I was actually singing this one, it's one of the rare cases when the cover version is way too better than the original. And being performed by crazy guys of Armenian extraction is an added bonus.

EFL Activity: fill in the spaces using the right preposition: along, for, in, on, over, through, to, with

I'm alone, sitting ____ my broken glass

My four walls follow me _______ my past

I was __ a Paris train

I emerged __ London rain

And you waiting there swimming _______ apologies

I remember searching ___ the perfect words

I was hoping you might change your mind

I remember the soldier standing next __ me

Riding __ the Metro

I was smiling as you took my hand

Saw the mood we spoke __ France

You were passed as shallow word

It isn't passed there's still a hurt

You were passed as shallow word

It isn't passed there's still a hurt

I can see you now smiling as I pulled away..


I remember the letter wrinkled __ my hand

"'Ill love you always" filled my eyes

I remember the night we walked _____ the Seine

Riding __ the Metro

I remember a feeling coming ____ me

The soldier turned, then walked away

F**k you ___ loving me

Riding __ the Metro

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Alexander Pup, 20-08-2009 16:29 (ссылка)

Smelly Post

Did you know that smell of death can point to murder time? Some mad scientists decided to experiment with little piggies and this is what they have to say about the putridity of human flesh.

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Alexander Pup, 18-08-2009 17:56 (ссылка)

We all have to go ... some even know when

Wheel-chair bound Australian man Christian Rossiter has won the right to die in an Australian court. The court ruled that Rossiter's carers would not be persecuted if they stopped feeding and hydrating him as per his wishes.

In a written statement, Rossiter described his life as a "living hell" and also said that he has "no fear of death - just pain. I only fear pain." Judge Wayne Martin, Western Australia's highest judge, deemed Rossiter capable of his decision.
A legal precedent has now been set in Australia, where those who assist in someone's death usually face life imprisonment.

Are you happy for the man?

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To realize
The value of a sister
Ask someone
Who doesn't have one.

To realize
The value of ten years:
Ask a newly
Divorced couple.

To realize
The value of four years:
Ask a graduate.

To realize
The value of one year:
 Ask a student who
Has failed a final exam.

To realize
The value of nine months:
Ask a mother who gave birth to a stillborn.

 To realize
The value of one month:
Ask a mother
who has given birth to
A premature baby.

To realize
The value of one week:
Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper

To realize
The value of one minute:
Ask a person
Who has missed the train, bus or plane.

To realize
The value of one-second:
Ask a person
Who has survived an accident.

Time waits for no one.

Treasure every moment you have.

You will treasure it even more when
you can share it with someone special
To realize the value of a friend or family member:

 Remember...hold on tight to the ones you Love

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Андрей не И, 11-08-2009 22:17 (ссылка)

New album of the deadest musician alive

This man should have been dead long ago, but he's recently released a new album instead.

I am not much of an Iggy fan - never listened a lot to The Stooges or solo albums. His garage rock seemed lacking melody, superfluously rough and ideas - too simple. (Of course except for In the death car hit written together with Goran Bregovic, who in fact wrote the music part).

In his new, quieter, album Iggy Pop sounds sometimes like slightly psychedelic Leonard Coen (Coen himself is psychedelic enough though):

He uses French singing song of Jacques Prévert and Joseph Kosma, his voice contains the real tenderness in Antonio Carlos Jobim's How Insensitive, real love and sorrow in A Machine For Loving - a narration about a death of a dog. There is cabaret, blues, chanson, electroclash on this record. Still the old Iguana knows his ways and comes back to the old style:

I could have called this the perfect record of a dead person.

P.S. The tracks, of course and as always, are carefully selected to match the deadly atmosphere of our community.

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Андрей не И, 07-07-2009 22:26 (ссылка)

Jacks, Kings and Aces

And now is something completely different…

This is the real stuff, folks. The most honest, sincere and trustworthy genre, the soul of a man, the devil’s gift. It ain't nothin' but a good man feelin' bad. It’s the blues.
We are not Wikipedia, so I will not dwell on biographies and discographies. Each name will be a link and you’ll find much and many more, if you want to. The songs selected especially to support the deadly flavor in here.

This first personality is more known as a producer of good music. Sometimes it’s “deadly” (see below), sometimes – not (see Raising Sand by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss), but his own True False Identity album is the best release of 2006. And you take my word for it. T Bone Burnett and his modern white man blues in its best reincarnation:

The other white blues player is known for everyone. Although not everyone reckons him a Blues man. Eric Clapton has his style, acknowledged by the black brothers, but I tend to believe, that no white man can really play the Delta blues. Clapton’s complete album – Me and Mr. Johnson is a tribute to Robert Johnson. The blues man who sold his soul to the Devil. There are only two photos of him, by the way, but his songs for Americans are, I guess, like Kalinka-Malinka for Russians – easily recognizable and immediately identifiable. If you know what I mean, you should remember They’re Red Hot (performed by RHCHP) or Come On In My Kitchen. Here is another Robert’s (and the Devil's) blues, performed by Clapton.

Strangely a Johnson was the black blues player guy met by Ulysses Everett McGill and Co. in a perfect movie by the Coen brothers – O Brother, Where Art Thou? – on their Odyssey in quest of unknown treasure. The movie soundtrack is produced, by chance, by T Bone Burnett. In fact it was the other Johson – Tommy Johnson, another soul-to-devil trader (no suitable photos of him for this reason).

Next guy is himself a legend. More of a folk’a’country style, but his recent album (I was sure he’s dead!) – A Stranger Here - sings the real blues. The way Ramblin' Jack Elliot plays this song by Reverend Gary Davies makes you believe that Death don’t have vacation, really… but blues men somehow cheated him… and the Devil as well.

And now – the King, rather the Ace. B. B. King. His One Kind Favor is a luxury compilation of blues classics (produced by T Bone Burnett… again!) The opening song by Blind Lemon Jefferson – the Texas style – should be put on vote to become a hymn of this cozy community.

P.S. John Lee Hooker’s Don't Look Back album is worth listening to as well, even for those who think of old blues as of old fashioned clumsy sound – the sound is perfect.

The blues makers, mentioned above:

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Андрей не И, 06-07-2009 23:56 (ссылка)

M & M

One of them is undoubtedly Engish, the other is absolutely American. The latter apparently detests gays, the first is unmistakeably gay himself. The both sing songs, only one rather reads them, the other - performs. One M's poetry is sharp, tearing apart, maliciously funny and truthfully obscene. The other M uses sophisticated vocabulary and synonyms hardly currently in common use, but sometimes is just as much obscene, as the first. The one is a hit maker and the top of charts, the other used to be someone of the kind (not even close in chart climbing, though), but now is unrecoverably old fashioned. One M's natural habitat is the dead city of Detroit, the other's - a Scottish castle. One of them Ms duets with Lyudmila Zykina and Boris Grebenshchikov, and pays tribute to Serge Gainsbourg, the other has a producer-friend called Dr. Dre and was officially recognized by the black community as black. They both make music, anyway, and, in fact, they have something in common... They both recently came up with new albums, one recovering from a heavy motorcycle crash, the other - from heavy abuse of "sleeping" pills...

These are:
Marshall Bruce Mathers III, the way he is


Peter Mark Sinclair Almond, spurning lovers :)

P.S. They do have something in common - I like what they both do in music, strange ways, aren't they. My advice in "the best" albums:

Eminem -
The Marshall Mathers LP;
The Eminem Show:

Marc Almond -
Fantastic Star;
Open All Night:

P.P.S. Sorry for misuse of articles.

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Alien Alien, 28-06-2009 15:51 (ссылка)

The Hot Dog

An old British lady was travelling to Korea with her Irish terrier.She went to the restaurant and ordered "The Hot Dog",as the cheapest meal.An hour later the waiter told her,"Madam,you didn't specify whether you want your dog boiled or roasted,so our chef made ragu..."

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Alien Alien, 18-06-2009 05:11 (ссылка)

Some music.

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Андрей не И, 14-06-2009 23:47 (ссылка)

If it ain't got that swing or How we find the music we like

Here's a bit of some funny deadly music which I found quite unexpectedly for my own self. The music in this post is played by quite crowdy bands and has a bit in common, so let's move on.

Stage 1.
All the thing started with someone posting a tune with a quiz "What band is it?"

This one was the song and I immediately loved it as these people managed to mix the unmixable: gothic female vocals, swinging rhythm and some riffs with undoubtedly metal roots you hear on the background. Here you are Diablo Swing Orchestra, an avant-garde metal band from Sweden.

Though other songs on this The Butcher's Ballroom album are less eclectic and are not so firtsightingly cute.

Stage 2.
One guy then offered a similar artist to compare with(or compare to?), even it was not even close, in my opinion, I liked it as well. These Cherry Poppin' Daddies also seem to mix styles but not so anthipatic. They are more a bit jazzy swing with a small drop of latino and a good measure of ska. Look at them, aren't they authentically cool:

Stage 3.
While looking for the Daddies' albums I found another "daddy". Though they are called Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, they are neither. Maybe with an exception of "Daddy".

Their music is soft and harmless, like the Russian Bravo band. I downloaded three albums and haven't quite listened to them, the only thing I can say, it is quite good easy listening and dancing. The swing as it should be mixed with smooth and, of course, swingy ballads. This Beautiful Life album is a treat!

Yes, what's next then?

Stage 4.
And finally! Ladies and gentlemen, this is big, bad and voodoo indeed.

When I was writing this post I discovered that the band has recently (shit, in 1999!) released their first album and that there are not many photos of them available when you search by Google. I've found few.

Geeezz, the singer is black! This explains everything. That is why these Fireballs are called Atomic and in fact they can be used in place of atomic powerplant for energy supply of a small town. That's why when John Bunkley is singing his Lover Lies, the ghost of Tom Waits (who is, thanks God, not dead yet, and even not black himself, but he knows a lot of how to sing such things) seems to stand behind his left shoulder.

P.S. If a track doesn't play, refresh the page.

слушаю: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Sleep Tight

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